Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Problems are in for iPhone   
Problems with connectivity are being reported by the first batch of users. The actual footage of the problem was capture on live TV when one of the news anchors tries to place a call but fail while her friend was able to call fro a regular phone sitting next to her. YouTube has video posted about it, so search for iPhone problems on there.

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06:10:59 AM
Iphone Model number A1203 FCC troubleshooting
Hi Concerned Technical guys:
This is Audi. I have a question for you. One of friends has Iphone with Model number A1203 FCC. He has a quite different problem with that (May be to us).
When tries to open messages which he got from his friends and family numbers, the phone's system taking the control to the main menu without opening the message. So he is not able to read the messages. Please give us step by step trouble shooting instruction to solve this issue.

We will be very to grateful you if we are privided with neccessary information
My Email Id :audi_vd@hotmail.com
Hope to hear from you soon!!!
Thank and Regards,
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