Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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iPhone thrown into the water   
I was playing with my iPhone while I was eating lunch when I think I got too excited that I lost control of the phone and I accidentally threw it in a glass filled with water. I know that it is really stupid but I was into the game so much. Anyway, I removed it as quickly as I could and I allowed it to dry for about 2 weeks so the excess water will be removed. When I opened it turned out alright but I noticed that the only way that I can see what is written on the screen is by using a flashlight with it. Can I still have it replaced or should I have it repaired?

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01:38:01 AM
iPhone thrown into the water
I do not think that Apple will replace your phone because as far as I know they only replace phones when the problem is with the phone itself and not caused by people. Anyway, I suggest that you go to your local Apple store to have them checked or if you do not have the time you can just call them up so they can give you a detailed instruction on how you can fix that. You may want to change the screen because I think that there is the problem is but have an expert do it for you unless you want to cause more damage. Good luck and I hope that you have them fixed soon.
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01:41:53 AM
iPhone thrown into the water
Oslo, is it possible to change the screen of the iPhone? I do not think that there is something that you can do about it and I do not think that you can change the screen as well because it is touch screen. I am not an expert though so you still may want to have it checked by a pro. I suggest that next time you have to be extra careful with your iPhone because it breaks easily especially if thrown into a pail or glass filled to the brim with water. Also, do not, I mean never ever used a hair dryer to make it dry because that can give you more problems than before.
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