Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Problem with my iPhone screen   
Hey. I have my iPhone 4 for a few weeks now and I am glad that I bought it because it has a lot of cool features and even my younger sister borrow it all the time so she can play games. However, I am experiencing some problems with it for a few days now because whenever I am talking to someone, the screen turns on and off for several times. The phone is not turning off but only the screen. It bothers me because sometimes it hangs and I have to end the call. Do you ever experience this? What did you do to repair it because I have restored it a lot of times but it did not help.

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03:47:14 AM
Problem with my iPhone screen
Yes, I have the same problem as well and it is really annoying because it hangs especially when I am in the middle of an urgent or important phone call. I think that it is a problem with their sensor proximity issue and as far as I know, the update was supposed to help with that dilemma but it does not. I have other friends who experience it as well. You may want to bring it to an Apple store so that they can replace it but I bought mine once to a store and they said something about the issue and they did not change it. You may want to check it out first for they may change yours.
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