Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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iPhone 3G or iPhone 4?   
Hi guys! I am thinking that I should get an iPhone but I am not sure what gen I should choose the 3rd or the 4th one. I heard the 4th gen is cooler and has more impressive features but I also read and heard negative things about it. Are the issues really bad? Also, it is too expensive and is AT & T good? My friends have negative feedbacks about the carrier as well but the phone looks really cool! the 3rd gen, on the other hand, is more affordable and I only heard positive things about it. How about you? What gen of the iPhone do you have and do you like it? Thanks!

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10:39:38 PM
iPhone 3G or iPhone 4?
If I were in your position, I will definitely choose the 4th over the 3rd gen because I think that I am getting the most out of my money with that gadget. Although it is more expensive than the 3rd gen, I think that it is worth it because it contains a lot of really cool features. It has better camera and the images it produces are really clear and it also has a secondary camera on the front part so you won't have troubles anymore taking a picture of yourself. I used to own a 3rd gen of the iPhone but I did not like it because its battery life is really short and it is almost gone at the middle of the day.
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10:43:49 PM
iPhone 3G or iPhone 4?
Yes, I would have to agree with you that iPhone 4th generation has some issues especially with the antenna. (I do not know if it's called an antenna so please correct me if I am wrong.) However, it does not happen all the time so you do not have to worry about it. iPhone 4 is incredible for it has better specs than the previous generation. There are a lot of useful apps and in my opinion, it has improved a lot. I use the secondary cam all the time especially when I go out or travel alone. And oh, it has a longer battery life as well for it usually lasts me for the whole day.
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10:47:55 PM
iPhone 3G or iPhone 4?
I would have to agree with the posters above have said. If I were in your shoes, I will definitely buy the new gen because you will get the most out of it! My friend has one and wow I am really impressed with it because it has really better specs and features. I have the 3rd gen and I feel that it is nothing compared to the 4th gen. It works faster unlike the older one which lags a lot. The screen is better as well and the colors are really vivid and bright. There is not a huge difference between the prices so it is not a big deal, for me. However, if you think that the 3rd gen is alright, then go for it.
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