Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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iPhone battery dilemma!   
Hello guys,

I've just purchased an Iphone 3g last week but it keeps on acting up. It's plugged in most of the time but the battery drains so fast. Have any of you experienced this? Please let me know. Thanks.

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12:26:03 AM

i experienced the same thing once. here's what i did with mine. make sure other applications are turned off, adjust the settings of your screen and if you're playing a movie, that's most likely the reason the batt drains so fast. try doing it and see if you still get the same result and inform us here. thanx.
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12:38:58 AM

This is just what I need. I've just updated on 3.1.2 and the problem started happening. A friend of mine suggested that it could be a hardware problem so I'm taking my phone to Apple when the problem persists.

^Karl, is your phone still working fine?
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12:50:01 AM

oh hey there. yes, luckily it's still working flawlessly. you better take your phone to Apple and have it replaced.
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