Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Ann] New GPS traker for iPhone   
We are proud to announce the new 2.0 version of EasyTrails GPS, the GPS tracker for your iPhone.

EasyTrails GPS is the perfect application for outdoor athletes and everybody willing to track their activities. Whenever you are trekking, running, skiing, sailing, traveling or just wandering around, EasyTrails GPS will help you making it a unique and easier experience.

Went out for a run? Well, EasyTrails GPS can tell you how far, how fast and how long you ran... and much more! It also displays the elevation profile and your track on the map in a street/satellite/hybrid fashion. The results can be stored, so it is very easy to retrieve them at any time to verify your progress.

Also, tracks can be exported to a computer to be used with GPS software or shared with others. The app exports your tracks in standard formats (GPX, KML/KMZ and CSV) and can be used with a variety of GPS software including Google Maps, Google Earth, SportTracks (Windows), TrailRunner (Mac) or online services such as Garmin Connect or everyTrail.com.

Version 2.0 can also import tracks through an advanced and easy-to-use "sharing service", which is the flagship of this new version. Import and export tracks has never been easier!

EasyTrails GPS is reliable and accurate. The user interface is very straightforward and navigation is made easier with essential menu items. Besides, the chance to record even while the iPhone is on standby ensures the maximum battery life.

Key features:
* Export tracks (GPX, KML/KMZ and CSV).
* Import tracks (GPX).
* Show distance, speed, altitude and much more.
* No limit on length or time for tracks.
* Up to 200 tracks.
* Follow a route.
* Select between metric or imperial measuring system.
* Maps (street map/satellite/hybrid).
* Charts (elevation profiles, ...).
* Intuitive user interface.
* Lightweight, reliable and accurate.
* Record while the iPhone is on standby.
* Languages: English, Italian, French and Portuguese.

* Official Web site: http://www.easytrailsgps.com/
* iTunes page:
* Facebook page:

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