Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Metal back casing for the iPhone   
So I was surfing the net a few minutes ago and I saw a blog wherein the user replaced the back part of his iPhone with a metal one. I was like impressed because I have a leather casing but the metal one looks really chic and clean. Has anyone of you ever tried this before? I want to try it but I have no idea where I can get it. Also, will it void the warranty that I have from Apple in case something happens? I want to use the metal case but I do not want to lose the warranty. Can someone please help me out with this? Also, it will be a big help if you include your experience with it.

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11:07:09 PM
Metal back casing for the iPhone
Hi! I saw it too and I was like really impressed because it looks chic and elegant just like what you have said. I scratch my iPhone a lot so this is a big help to prevent scratches and whatnots. I have a casing but it also cause scratches. However, I am wondering though if it will affect the reception of the phone? I usually go to places that do not have a high signal and I don't want for it to be completely gone. Oh, I even saw some in plastic and they looked really nice. My sister wants to get the Hello Kitty one but we are thinking twice about it because of other comments that we have read on the net.
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11:10:17 PM
Metal back casing for the iPhone
I am sorry to burst your bubble but I do not think that it is cute or even nice at all. I don't know. I just do not like the metal casing for it looks cheap to me and I think that it makes the iPhone look like the 2nd or 1st gen. The cutout for the camera does not fit as well and it looked like a 12-year old cut it with a knife. Anyway, if you want to get it then go on. You do not have to worry about the reception because it will not block the antenna since it is located on the sides. This is what I think though so make sure that you still do some research about it.
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