Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Transferring Songs from Limewire to iPod   
One way to do it would be to create a folder in your "mymusic" files. Then add that folder to your shared file on Limewire. Once this folder is saved to Limewire as a shared file, it will become the default and all downloaded music or MP3s will go to that folder. And when you go to iTunes, go to File, Add files to library, choose the folder, and highlight all the files you wish or prefer to load into iTunes (ctrl + left mouse click to choose multiple files). By then, the files will now appear in your library and also your recently added playlist.

The other way is pretty similar but instead go to library in Limewire and drag the files you want to load to iTunes to Limewire's playlist at the bottom of the page and then click "save as". This will open up the folder you created and you will see a file called limewire.m3u. The songs you chose will be saved in that file and when you go to iTunes, go to: File, Add files to library, choose the folder, limewire.m3u and then all the files will saved be on the playlist and will upload to iTunes and the songs will appear in your recently added playlist.

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08:21:42 AM
my doesnt respond to computer
my i phone doesnt respond anything to my toshiba laptop but when went to another computer does,what is it?
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