Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Apple will Release iPhone 4S at WWDC
Bluelans official blog, recently, there were rumors that Apple will release iPhone 4 upgrade version—iPhone 4S at WWDC held in San Francisco on June 6th-10th, nevertheless, the long rumored iPhone 5 will not appear temporarily.

The news pointed, compared with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S will only got little appearance change, and better camera, upgrade to A5 dual core processor and also support HSPA+ network. These hardware upgrade are similar with the previous prediction on iPhone 5.

From professional iPhone accessories wholesale bluelans.com point of view, due to Apple had successful experience from iPhone 3G upgrading to iPhone 3GS, therefore, the predictions to iPhone 4S seems reasonable. If there really had iPhone 4S, what operating system iPhone 4S would employ? It directly adopts iOS5.0 or still use iOS 4.X OS?

However, Apple once expressed it will focus on iOS and Mac OS X software on WWDC 2011 to refute a rumor. So, is there iPhone 4S, iPhone 5? Rumor is only rumor. Only Apple knows.

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