Saturday, September 23, 2023
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A1387 problem   
Running into space problem on my phone. Can I upgrade it from iPhone 4S A1387 16GB to more memory size? I don't want to buy new iphone.

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09:43:15 PM

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sarahlyn abella
04:19:42 PM
hello po
Pumunta po kayo sa website mismo ng apple .www.apple.com and pwde kau makipag usap s custumer service nila in free?
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09:46:07 PM

Tell me prise (A1387)iphone
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09:46:08 PM

Tell me prise (A1387)iphone
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Shahbaz Abbasi
09:47:46 PM

iphone a1387 prise tell me plz
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Shahbaz Abbasi
09:47:48 PM

iphone a1387 prise tell me plz
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abass niang
10:37:18 PM
Ede Reply to 's post dated 12/1/2015 9:46:07 PM
Mon téléphone iPhone je binsoen des ede
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