Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Top 10 Functions iPhone 5 Will not Added   
Following the coming of WWDC 2011, the predications about iPhone 5 has been more and more. As far as we known, Apple is good at confidential, therefore, many predictions can just be an armchair strategist. Here, professional iPhone accessories wholesale Bluelans.com listed top 10 functions iPhone may not be added, to help readers distinguish.

OTA, namely Over-the-air updates, althouth most Android mobile phones have supported the OTA function, Apple will not go with the tide; because it is the same simple and convenient to have device update via connecting with iTunes.

iOS 4
If the one thing we can confirm with iPhone 5, iOS 5 operating system will be one of them. According to the Apple’s tradition, the new generation iPhone will certainly equip with the latest operating system, namely the coming iOS 5.

4G network
Insiders always consider 4G network will be a necessary added function for iPhone 5, but Sanseven doesn’t share the same opinion. Because Apple has expressed 4G network was not mature, and the operator supporting 4G network also haven’t make good preparation to welcome the super larger flow. Therefore, 4G connecting will probably appear in iPhone 6.

Smaller screen
In the past time, there were rumors that Apple would release a mini iPhone with smaller screen, but this condition hasn’t appear, iPhone is also no exception. In fact, if the new generation iPhone has some change on screen, it will be 4.3 inch, not smaller.

In the past months, iPhone 5 with NFC function is not stopping. Just like 4G, Apple always consider this technology not mature, and need more time to perfect it, may on that occasion, Apple will employ it.

Supports Sprint network
Following AT&T purchase T-mobile, iPhone will probably achieve compatible with T-mobile network. But the opportunity Apple support Sprint is still remote. Following the stronger and stronger of AT&T and Verizon, it is harder and harder for Sprint find out self market positioning, and Apple may also ignore the potential customers.

Different price
Apple’s selling price is always stable, it kept 199 and 299 USD while iPhone 4 launched last year, only decrease a little for old 3GS. Therefore, iPhone 5’s selling price will be same as 199 and 299 USD, and iPhone 4 may decrease to 99 USD like 3GS.

Go public in summer
Due to Apple newly launched white iPhone 4 and Verizon iPhone, Apple will probably not release the new phone. iPhone 4 case wholesale bluelans.com predict, Apple will release iPhone 5 in this year end or the start of 2012.

Glass shell
Due to the glass shell, iPhone is regard as one of the best mobile phones in the history. However, there also some defects, many consumers met scratchers and broken while using. Therefore, Apple is considering adopting aluminum cover. From the current information, glass shell may not be the main parts of iPhone 5.

3D display
Along with LG published Optimus 3D and Optimus Pad, 3D technology has been more and more popular. But Apple will not use this technology on iPhone 5, because 3D has better effect on larger screen, it will be much suitable on iPad.

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