Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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iPhone 4 in Hong Kong   
I have plans to go to Hong Kong next week end and I am thinking to get an iPhone 4 there because some of my friends said that maybe I can get it there at a more affordable price. Are they selling it already in Hong Kong or are they just kidding me? I want to own the 4th gen of the iPhone but I can't afford to pay too much for it. Also, have you purchased an iPhone 4 in that country? I just want to know whether they are selling it already or not. And oh, my friend told me that they have a white iPhone 4 in Hong Kong. Is this true or is it fake? Thank you in advanced for your answers.

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01:25:51 AM
iPhone 4 in Hong Kong
I do not think that they have it in there already but just to make sure you can check out the Apple store if they have any and I am sure that they do have one. Why don't you just buy it here so that you can be sure that it is real and you do not have to wait in long lines just to get one. I heard crazy stories about iPhone 4 in Asian countries and my friend told me that the people there really take the time, patience, and effort to fall in line to get one. I think that is crazy! I do not think that there is a white iPhone 4 because as far as I know they only have one in metal.
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01:29:07 AM
iPhone 4 in Hong Kong
I am not being a racist or anything but I do not suggest that you buy one in Hong Kong because they have a lot of fake ones in there. There was this one time when my sister went to China and there was this lady who was selling iPhones at a really cheap price. I think she was selling it for $100 and my sister thought it was cheap so she got 4. Anyway, when she got home she found out that it was not real. She does not know much about iPhones and whether they are fake or not because she hasn't owned one. There is no iPhone 4 in white! They must have changed the back casing.
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