Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Fix a Stuck iPhone   
Here's one way to reset your iPhone, simply hold down the sleep/wake button. You may find this at the top right of the iPhone and the home button, which can be found in the bottom centre of the face; at the same time for anywhere between 10-15 seconds, the screen will then turn black and the Apple logo will reappear, that means the iPhone is rebooting. Just a heads up, resetting the device will not delete any data or default any of the settings. So your iPhone is safe to perform this trick.

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03:27:12 PM
screen magnifying
The screen on my phone will go into a magniying mode when I remove it from my pocket and press the home button. The only way to turn it off is the sleep/wake button and the home button. It's happening more frequently and it's very annoying. any suggestions for correcting the problem would be appreciated. Phone model A1332
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